Meet Our Leaders

Calvary Compassion Church is displaying the heart of God in the heart of our community, transforming every heart with a mind renewed by teaching the

Word of God.

Pastor Teddy Sanders-Founder & Lead Pastor

Pastor Teddy Sanders served as Care Pastor at Calvary Chapel Port St. Lucie under the leadership of long time friend and mentor, Pastor Mike Wiggins until September of 2011.  Pastor Teddy has always had a call on his life to make a difference in his community and it is that call which has brought him to the Treasure Coast.  It is here on the Treasure Coast that Calvary Compassion Church was formed and now makes it’s home and carries out the mission to Love, Serve, Reach & Teach.


Pastor Teddy is married to the lovely Mrs. Alexandra Washington Sanders. They have 4 beautiful children, Tiffany, Theodore, Ethan and Dianna.

Pastor Corey L. Moses

Pastor Corey serves as the Worship and Technology Pastor of Calvary Compassion Church.  As the Worship Pastor he oversees a growing team of vocalist, instrumentalists, and production technicians and together they lead our congregation into jubilant and exciting praise and intimate, sincere and transparent worship.

Pastor Corey has been serving in ministry since age 5.  He has been with Calvary Compassion Church since we opened our doors at Garden City Elementary on September 11, 2011 and he continues to Love, Serve, Reach & Teach the body of Christ through music and technology every day.

He is married to Jannifer Moses who serves along side her husband in ministry.

Pastor Jim Pond

Pastor Jim, affectionately known around Calvary Compassion Church as "PJP" oversees the Men's Ministry.  Pastor Jim has been involved in ministering to men since the beginning of 2000.  He was involved in the Men's Ministry at Calvary Chapel Boynton Beach and Calvary Chapel Port St. Lucie.  Since April of 2004, Pastor Jim has served alongside and under the leadership of Pastor Teddy Sanders.

As confirmation to Pastor Jim's commitment to serve Jesus Christ and Calvary Compassion Church, he was ordained as a pastor on September 7, 2014.  His mission is to finish strong and to have the men of Calvary Compassion Church, not just be hearers of the Word, but to be doers, to "be about it".

He is married to Caridad, and has 4 children and 3 grandchildren.  His sons Joshua and Justin, his daughters, Samantha and Sophia, his two granddaughters Kira and Gigi, and his grandson, Lucas.

Pastor Paul Burton

Pastor/Chaplain Paul and his lovely wife Linda, have been studying the Word of God for years. He personally had struggled much of his life with real, lasting consistency, in his spiritual walk. It has been through the regular daily intake of spiritual food, prayer, the fellowship of the saints and surrounding himself with very positive influences and role models; whereby he has experienced a much more stable and solid walk with the LORD, in these last ten years. 

They both have been involved in prison ministry since 1994 with Bill Glass Ministries and C.M.A. They were part of the local Calvary Chapel PSL motorcycle ministry start-up, and ministered to those in that community. They both have been short-term missionaries to Haiti, Peru, Curacao and the Bahamas.

They both are chapel assistants at Rock Road Jail, also ministering weekly at Good Samaritan Ministries. They are always pointing souls to Jesus and God’s miraculous, miracle working power to change and transform lives. 

Pastor Strather "Skip" DuPree

Pastor Strather "Skip" DuPree oversees the youth ministry at Calvary Compassion Church.  Early in life, Skip learned that his professional and life experiences were meant to be used to serve in local ministries and in his community. He dedicated his life to the Lord and has served in various capacities in ministry since 1998. 


In 2010 Pastor Skip and his wife Sonia co-founded END IT!  or Everybody is Not Doing It, a faith-based organization designed to equip preteen and teenaged youth spiritually, socially, emotionally, and artistically to positively influence and inspire change in their environment. END IT! serves youth and families across the Treasure Coast and provides a safe place for teens through various afterschool programs and events.  


Pastor Skip is married to Sonia DuPree and has three daughters; Simone, Sydney, and Sinclaire.

Pastor Greg Palestis

Pastor Greg serves as Care Pastor and Senior’s Ministry Chaplain of Calvary Compassion Church, under the leadership of dear friend & mentor Pastor Teddy Sanders.  Pastor Greg has been in ministry since serving in the US Army during the “Desert Storm / Persian Gulf War” serving as Acting Chaplain for the troops. 


He has long had a heart for ministering to veterans and Evangelistic Outreaches to his community.  He has been with Calvary Compassion Church since began meeting in 2011 at Garden City Elementary and continues our mission to Love, Serve, Reach & Teach. 


Pastor Greg is married to, “the love of his life”, Mrs. Fidelina Palestis who serves along side him in ministry. They have 5 grown children and 6 grandchildren.  Their sons Arsenio, Tony, and Gregory, their daughters, Kristen and Anna.